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Bespoke Garden Design

Entertaining terrace with converted shipping container bar

Every garden we design is unique – there’s no set formula or template that we use, no clever software package that designs the garden for us.


Before we start on the garden design plan, we will visit the site and conduct a site survey & analysis – noting everything from where the sun is tracking throughout the day, whether you need to screen a view of a neighbour’s ugly shed or whether you have a boggy patch which might suggest drainage issues. We’ll also note the style of your house and neighbouring properties as well as the general surrounding landscape. This is all important information to help us design a garden that

suits your needs and tastes and is unified and harmonious within the immediate surroundings.

We’ll take lots of photographs which we can refer to when we are designing your garden. We’ll also send you a simple questionnaire to complete which will tease out lots of questions like whether you like straight lines or curves, have a preference for Mediterranean planting or absolutely detest yellow flowers. Armed with all this information we will start coming up with a design concept.

Inspiration comes in many forms – a bit of art we see in your house, an article we read in a magazine or the shape of a cloud in the sky – it doesn’t matter where is comes from as long as it sparks a creative thought or theme that ultimately produces a unique design for your garden.


The garden plan will evolve over several days (sometimes weeks if you are in no rush!) and we may go through various design iterations before we settle on a design we really love which we end up presenting to you.


Because we take a lot of time up front getting all the information we need, we are more likely to come up with a garden design that you’ll really love, but you may have your own garden ideas that you’d like to incorporate so we'll always do our best to incorporate these into the finished ‘masterplan’

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