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Why use a garden designer?

If you've never employed the services of a garden designer you may be wondering whether you'll be getting value for money or whether you can go direct to a landscaper and save some cash. If you just need some basic paving or a replacement fence then going straight to a landscaper is your best bet, (and you might want to read my blog '7 Tips on How to Choose a Landscape Contractor' here). But if you want anything more than this then it's worth considering using a designer.

3D render of a deck and pergola

A good designer will take time to understand what you want and translate this into a great design, taking aesthetics and function into account. Understanding key principles such as scale and proportion as well as balance and unity is vital. A good designer will ensure that materials and plants used are in harmony with the surrounding buildings and landscape.

Sketch of proposed design for a terraced garden

At Simon Orchard Garden Design we are sensitive to the 'genius loci' (or spirit of the place) taking time to get a feel for the space and it's surroundings. We also believe that simplicity and the principle of 'less is more' is key to good design, and we ensure this is carried through in the elements of colour, textures, materials and features.


A good designer understands the psychology of gardens and how to turn an outside space into a place that provides emotional wellbeing. We understand the complexities and technical side of hard landscaping, which means that you don't have to. And we can be the go-between with you and the landscape contractor.

A good designer will think of things you wouldn't and we always aim to add in that element of freshness and surprise into a design. When it comes to plants we know what combinations will work together and we work on the principle of 'right plant right place' - making sure that plants are chosen to thrive in the particular conditions found in your garden.


Finally we believe that a good designer will actually save you money in the long run, by solving problems that could otherwise be costly, by designing something that is built to last and adds value to your property, by saving you money on plants and materials and by recommending quality tradespeople and landscapers.


In summary you'll get a great garden, which you'll love and spend many hours enjoying for years to come.

Flowering perennials in gravel garden
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