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A stunning summer posy

I'm generally not one for creating flower arrangements but I couldn't resist putting these stunning colours together in a little posy.

The vivid purple of the Geranium combined with the luminous magenta of the Lychnis (Rose Campion) and the pale pink of the Sweet pea create a pleasing analogous colour combination, i.e. 3 colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel.

Add to that the complementary (opposite on the colour wheel) lime green leaves of the Hakonechloa (Japanese mountain grass) and the Alchemilla (Lady's mantle) with it's chartreuse flowers and you've got a harmonious colour scheme that packs a real punch.

As a garden designer I use colour theory all the time in planting schemes - it can often mean the difference between an ok planting combination and one what has the real jaw-dropping wow factor!

Next time you're buying plants do a bit of forward planning and look at what's already in the garden, then

experiment with a complementary, analogous or triadic colour palette. You won't be disappointed.

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