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In the media - hiring a garden designer

I get lots of calls from people looking for a garden designer in Hampshire, Surrey and London, and they often ask what the garden design process involves, how long will it take, what levels of service I can offer them and lots of other sensible questions to help them decide whether to choose me to design their dream garden, or another designer. Garden design isn't a dark art but if you've never gone down that route before why would you know how it all works!

There's a couple of handy sections on my website that cover off lots of these points: Why use a garden designer? and The Design & Build Process

I've also just been featured on, alongside 2 other established designers in an article entitled 'What happens when you hire a garden designer' which further demystifies the process and asks the questions that lots of clients would like to know the answers to.

If you have any other burning questions that are still unanswered (Garden design-related only please - I'm rubbish at pub quizes) then drop me an email at or give me a call on 07806 355 656.

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