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In the media - a wow-factor garden

Perspective sketch by Simon Orchard Garden Design

Modern Gardens Magazine seem to like featuring our gardens (and there's another of my garden designs featuring in the forthcoming April issue).

This 6-page article entitled 'I've finally got my wow factor garden' shows you what we did to give the garden a contemporary re-vamp, turning it into a garden for entertaining, dining, relaxing and play.

You can see before and after shots and learn about some of the elements we added to give the garden high impact. There's also plenty of information about the planting design which is designed to look good all year round.

The 'Extreme Makeover' badge on the first page rather reminds me of an advert on American cable TV (complete with thrash metal soundtrack in the background) for some kind of home gym equipment that guarantees a 6-pack in 24hours. I prefer to think of this garden with more of a classical soundtrack - maybe 'In a summer garden' by Delius.


Simon Orchard Garden Design offers garden design in Hampshire, Surrey, London and West Sussex.

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